The Good News
by Keith and Lesley Fifer


     We believe you will enjoy listening to "The Good News" which tells of God's eternal plan for us and how each one of us can be assured of a place in heaven as part of this eternal plan. We don't know of any better news than this!

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Some years ago a young Presbyterian Minister in Florida USA, Dr James Kennedy, came upon a special way of talking about Christianity. He shared this with people in their homes, and over a period of a few years his congregation grew from 20 to over 2,000.

This idea of sharing faith spread across the USA and then across the world. Now it is taught by over 1 million trained people in every country in the world except North Korea. It was introduced into Australia in 1972 by the then Rev Dudley Foord and Bishop Harry Goodhew.

Keith Fifer was one of those trained as an instructor. Over the years he has shared his faith that way with over 1,000 people, and in 1995, he and his wife Lesley, recorded this special message. Since then, people who have received the recordings have been so delighted with the message that they have passed on over 55,000 Good News Tapes and CD's to others.

Tough Questions for Christians(and Others)
A5 PDF Documents

What happens to a person who has not heard of Jesus
Explaining Miracles
Explaining Creation
Who is Jesus ?
Prospering by Giving
Salvation and Rewards
God chose us before the Foundation of the World
I Know that my Redeemer Lives
Learning to Love

Learning to Love (audio MP3s)

Learning to Love - Session 1
Learning to Love - Session 2
Learning to Love - Session 3
Learning to Love - Session 4
Learning to Love - Session 5
Learning to Love - Session 6
Learning to Love - Session 7
Learning to Love - Session 8
Learning to Love - Session 9
Learning to Love - Session 10
Learning to Love - Session 11

Testimonies from people who have shared the Gospel effectively in a number of different situations using The Good News Tape (audio MP3s)

Testimony - Jack Rollo - Session 1
Testimony - Richard Grey - Session 2
Testimony - Jim Grosso - Session 3
Testimony - Edna Gigg - Session 4
Testimony - Charla McAlpine - Session 5
Testimony - 3 Testimonies - Session 6
Testimony - Charles Barsoum - Session 7

Why does God allow so much suffering in the world (audio MP3s)

Why Suffering - Session 1
Why Suffering - Session 2
Why Suffering - Session 3
Why Suffering - Session 4
Why Suffering - Session 5
Why Suffering - Session 6
Why Suffering - Session 7
Why Suffering - Session 8
Why Suffering - Session 9
Why Suffering - Session 10